La voix du monde, Lille (France) Gerard Goutierre

“....Let’s congratulate Bulgaria! The first work in the program (a French premiere performance in France) gave us the chance to hear the Symphonic Prologue by Georgi Minchev, the Bulgarian composer. What we have in mind are pages of great content, where the classical tissue does not lack eloquence. Strongly supported by classical instruments, at times it reminds you of the light at dawn, before it bursts in a sharp and uncontrolled rhythm with rare timbers in a strict combination. A very strong work! ...”

Bieler Tagblatt, Biel (Switzerland), November 29, 1982 Walter Winkler

...At the beginning of the concert we heard Georgi Minchev’s Symphonic Prologue, a piece rich in brilliant colors and orchestral timbers, full of tension. The sound contrasts not lacking in lyricism, the exceptionally difficult rhythm and a grand solo of the cattle-drums were performed with ease and impressive precision…”

Der Bund, Biel (Switzerland), November 27, 1982

“…. Both the orchestra and the conductor won the audience’s acclamation with a new work from Bulgaria - Symphonic Prologue by composer Georgi Minchev. This is a piece of great sound novelty, well-organized and brilliant…”

Journal du Jura, Biel (Switzerland) Hr.

“… In the beginning the orchestra performed Symphonic Prologue by Bulgarian composer Georgi Minchev. This recently written work attracted our attention with its masterful orchestration and the use of sound space. Characterized by its undoubted mastery, it creates a musical scenery in which the outbursts of brass instruments are frequently continued by the soft tones of the strings. The use of bells at the end of the different episodes resolve with their purity and translucence the preceding harmonic pressures...”

Ruch Muzyczny, Warsaw (Poland), February 17, 1985 Olgierd Pisarenko

“... This is a serious and firm concert which can be compared to the solid “bourgeois” furniture of old times. In this respecting style and as the only part of the program there was one only contemporary work –Symphonic Prologue by Georgi Minchev, a the most impressing Bulgarian composer who possesses the very rare talent to create works of “repertoire” qualities, modern yet not so requiring from the performers or the audience. Suffice it to say that his Piano Concerto (performed in 1983 at Warsaw Autumn) which enjoys good international career. In the Prologue there is something of the “picturesqueness” of movie soundtracks, which illustrates some dramatic event, but the composer is consistent in his choice of musical devices…”