Sächsische Neueste Nachrichten, Dresden (Germany) Hans Bohm

“... Georgi Minchev’s Three Poems for Soprano and Orchestra performed by the excellent Rumiana Valcheva and the Radio Orchestra, which have already been presented in Paris, combined an admirable expression with sophisticated poetry. This is a work of great future ahead!”

Catalunya Musica, No. 160, February 1997 F.T.-B

“.... What surprised us pleasantly were the Three Poems for Soprano, Strings and Percussion by Bulgarian composer Georgi Minchev. Very impressive was the good proportion in the timing of the three pieces which feature imagination and a play of contrasts in timbre coloring. The lyricism of language and artistic feeling, together with the successful link between polyphony and harmony (both horizontal and vertical) is well constructed, without overdone effects. In conclusion, Minchev’s Poems were finely performed by Carmen Sanchez, a musician of good vocal qualities, beautiful sound production and balanced register. She sang emotionally and with confidence. In the same manner performed percussionist Santi Molas who displayed precise punctuation while the orchestra demonstrated full identification with Milen Nachev’s colorful and emotional reading of Georgi Minchev’s music…”