Ludova demokracie, Prague (Czech Republic), March 29, 1978 Ivan Moravec

“…The concert began with a remarkable novelty – Concerto Music for Orchestra, which the 39-year old Bulgarian Georgi Minchev has dedicated to the 50th jubilee of the Prague Radio Symphony. They expressed their gratitude to the composer by a precise rendition of the work – not very simple, non-conventionally performed , attractive in its fresh inventiveness and unhidden Bulgarian flavor…”

Svobodne slovo, Prague (Czech Republic), March 29, 1978 Vladimir Solin

...The 50th jubilee of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra was a happy occasion for a series of composers to dedicate and send their works to this orchestra. Many of them had already been presented at previous events. There is one composition which belongs to the most impressive ones in terms of aleatory music, overflowing with every kind of colors - Concerto Music for Orchestra by Georgi Minchev. The works of Martinu and mainly the most sophisticated one by Minchev were such difficult tasks for both orchestra and conductor that during Brahms’ Symphony No. 4, done by heart by the conductor, there was not enough dramatic effect and brilliance, although the orchestra tried to its best…”

Balgarska Muzika Journal, Sofia, No. 5, 1977 Stoyan Stoyanov

“...Minchev’s powerful fantasy that has given birth in Concerto Music to an impressive wealth of sounds, timbre colors and great scope dynamic contrasts has obviously been fertilized by another concept, by another sense of values. Subjected to inner self-discipline the composer’s imagination does not “act wanton” and without control, as if having surrendered to the power of caprice, but rather stands on a common sense of measure and refined feeling of aesthetic taste. We feel all these in both the details and in the overall music, in the multiple constructs, in the solo expressions of this, I would say, contemporary “Scherazade”. An what is more, one can find it in the rational in the positioning of colorful and constructive elements, of ornamental devices containing sparing strokes, bright lyricism and original vitality…”